• Image of Classic Canes 3 in 1 Country Green Umbrella Leather Seat Stick with Rubber Tip
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Ideal for any sporting event, this practical and quintessentially English umbrella seat stick suits any occasion and all weathers.

It will keep you dry when the heavens open and will support you while you rest in the sun; enjoying the polo, regatta or music festival. It can also be used as a stylish cane when you are simply our for a stroll.

The country green umbrella converts to a seat stick in moments. The leather seat opens to create a comfortable perch to rest on
and the folding ground plate prevents the spiked ferrule from sinking into the ground. A hardened rubber ferrule which fits over the spike allows the stick to be used on firm ground or pavements. The rubber tip also acts as a protective tip when you are using it as an umbrella.

The handles are trimmed with leather for added comfort with a stainless steel shaft. The fiberglass umbrella frame is fitted with a tasteful country green nylon canopy.

  • Hardened rubber tip included
  • Overall walking height of 96 cm /38"
  • Sitting height of 81cm /32"
  • Diameter of canopy 91cm / 36"
  • Weight 965g
  • Maximum user weight of 100Kg /16 stone

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