• Image of INDESmed Bamboo Compression Socks
  • Image of INDESmed Bamboo Compression Socks
  • Image of INDESmed Bamboo Compression Socks
  • Image of INDESmed Bamboo Compression Socks
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Super soft and super comfy (they could almost be cashmere), these gorgeous bamboo compression socks can be worn to help avoid swollen ankles due to long flights or prolonged standing

INDESmed compression socks are produced with 25mmHg (100% compression) in the ankle area, 17mmHG in the calf (70% compression) and 12.5mmHg (50% compression) in the popliteal fossa (back of the knee).

Gradual compression socks are necessary to improve the blood flow and muscle oxygenation, pushing the returning blood flow from the bottom of your legs up towards the heart. They relieve heavy and aching legs with daily use, and reduce muscle fatigue and vibration during sport practice.

Made of Bamboo, Nylon, cotton and elastan, BambooSmarTec® fabric is designed for people who demand professional compression socks with extra wicking properties. Bamboo fiber natural properties are recommended for treatment of some skin changes due to venous disorders, such as eczema and dermatitis, specifically around the ankle area.

You should only use gradual compression socks to treat or prevent varicose veins. INDESmed compression socks are indicated for treatment of:
-Stage I, telangectasia or reticular veins.
-Stage II, varicose veins with no symptoms or moderate symptoms

Please note that you should always follow your Doctor's instructions.

  • Soft comfy bamboo, nylon, cotton and elastan material that feels more like cashmere
  • Available colours: Black, Orange, Blue Sky
  • Certified Graduated compression
  • Relieves heavy, tired and aching legs
  • Helps avoid swollen ankles and varicose veins
  • BAMBOO SmarTec® fabric is extremely resilient and durable

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