• Image of INDESmed Crutches and Canes Accessories /Spares
  • Image of INDESmed Crutches and Canes Accessories /Spares
  • Image of INDESmed Crutches and Canes Accessories /Spares
  • Image of INDESmed Crutches and Canes Accessories /Spares
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We love the fact that the INDESmed canes and crutches have interchangeable silicone covers and hand grips so that you can easily refresh your cane / crutch with a new cover. You can even coordinate your outfit by mixing and matching with the cover of your choice.

The following spare parts are available for your canes / crutches:

INDESmed Replacement Tip / Ferrule
High contact angle replacement tip for your crutches or cane. INDESmed Tip has been designed to achieve maximum contact with the ground during all the rotating movement carried out by the user. Manufactured with high friction coefficient rubber and Nylon 66, its unique design achieves higher contact angles than any conventional tip, considerably increasing the user safety.

INDESmed Silicone Hand-Grip Cover
(Top image) Manufactured from soft medical grade hypoallergenic silicone (FDA certified) providing exceptional user comfort and protection against carpel tunnel syndrome. Available colours: Black, Dark Grey, Orange and Purple and compatible with the super stylish INDESmed crutches and canes.

INDESmed Forearm Crutches Cuff
Ultralight and ergonomic forearm crutch cuff from ABS material. The cuff can be height adjusted, positioned anywhere along the curved area of the crutch shaft and is available in three size options.

INDESmed Hand-Grip with Silicone Cover for Crutches or Canes
Ergonomic grip designed for user comfort and avoids the known problems of the conventional forearm crutches:

  • Keeps the natural position of the wrist, this suppresses the pain of the median an ulnar nerves
  • Spreads the bodily pressure over the hand, avoiding the pain on the palm of the hand
  • Improves the position of the thumb finger, decreasing or totally suppressing the hardness that appears due to a long-term use of crutches
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