• Image of OneLeg Posture Stool Tall
  • Image of OneLeg Posture Stool Tall
  • Image of OneLeg Posture Stool Tall
  • Image of OneLeg Posture Stool Tall
  • Image of OneLeg Posture Stool Tall
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OneLeg provides a dynamic sitting position that will save your knees and back. Rock and turn on the unique base; Oneleg will follow your movement, giving you a wide radius whilst strengthening your back and abdominal muscles. You will be amazed at the improvement to your core strength by using OneLeg.

As as ergonomic stool, OneLeg is useful for working at low levels, for cleaning cupboards and even grooming the dog.

OneLeg Tall is available in 3 height options, 40cm, 48cm and 54cm making it ideal for older children and adults to work at a desk or table with the added proven benefit of improving concentration and calmness. Designed to be used both in and outdoors, OneLeg is weatherproof and easy to clean.

  • Made from polyethylene
  • Weight 1.2 Kg
  • 3 Available height options: 40/48/54cm Tall
  • Seat dimension 26cm
  • Maximum user weight 200Kg/440lb
  • UV Safe – UV8 (8000 hours)
  • Anti-slip foot and silicon seat cover available as optional extra
  • Suitable for adults and children over 12 years

Customer Review
"Many thanks for the one leg stool. It arrived promptly and I am very pleased with it. It is the second one I've ordered. I am using one stool to keep in the boot of my car to use when I load my TravelScoot in and out of the car. I can sit on it as I dismantle the TravelScoot or put it back together. It's very light and is easy to store. The other stool stays by the washing machine for easy loading. It's very useful for helping me reach into low cupboards too. I am sure I will be a customer again in the future. Thanks again."

When using OneLeg indoors or on slippery or sensitive surfaces, we strongly recommend that you use the anti-slip foot which is available as an optional extra.

Anti-Slip foot covers available CLICK HERE

Silicon Seat covers available CLICK HERE

Demonstration Videos

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Doctor Morten Kramhoeft
Specialist Doctor, Orthopedic Surgery, CFR Hospitaler A/S, Denmark:
"We have tested the new OneLeg stool and found it to be very suitable. On the curved foot you sit both active and ergonomically correct. It is easy to tilt and rotate the podium without twisting in the back, and it invites you to keep your back straight while working.
With the simple and nice design, that is easy to clean, it is suitable in our environment, where hygiene is of course important.

As a specialist in orthopedic surgery, I can highly recommend OneLeg to our patients.
It is important to sit dynamic and ergonomic. This applies to work at very low altitudes, avoiding twisting and strain in the back and knees when using the small OneLeg of 32 cm and the higher models for many of the everyday tasks at work table, dining table etc. But also in training and rehabilitation of both back, knees and hips. When sitting on OneLeg, it is possible to train the muscles in the mentioned areas without improper load."

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