• Image of Radius Garden Hand Cultivator
  • Image of Radius Garden Hand Cultivator
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The Radius Cultivator features an ergonomic grip that provides more leverage with less wrist stress whilst gardening.

This precision tool is ideal for working in tight spaces and scraping away weed seedlings before they are out of control. Easy to pull and push with a light grip on the curved handle. The Radius Cultivator is part of the Radius garden tool range which are useful for any keen gardener and perfect when it comes to gardening for older people .

  • Dimensions W x110mm L x340mm H x 97mm
  • Poly fibre soft grip handle
  • Aluminium/Magnesium Blade

Customer Review
My son gave me a set of these tools. When he thought my hands now needed some help to fight the heavy soil we have around here. So I gave them a try. Whether you're pulling with the rake or digging with the trowel or using the long nosed trowel to plant bulbs I found the shape of the of the handle helps. You can get a really good purchase from the top of the handle to the back. The working end is made of Harden Alloy so they're light and they won't go rusty. G Evans

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