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An ideal alternative or complement to the traditional crutch or cane, RollerMate ensures even and gentle pressure distributed to feet, legs, arms and shoulders whilst offering a very modern, stylish design.

RollerMate is one of the walkers with wheels and brakes which we supply. Best for those with light instability who typically use a crutch or walking cane. The product is designed for users with sufficient balance and ability to anticipate environmental factors and resist unexpected movements. If you are unsure whether RollerMate is suitable for you, ask a medical professional for advice. This product should not be used in slippery conditions or for ascending/descending stairs.

RollerMate is not suitable for those who use two crutches or who are in constant need of a rollator due to severe instability. Lights are not included.Maximum user weight 100 Kg.

  • Ideal for indoor/outdoor use
  • Handle height adjustable from 76 – 90 cm
  • Suitable for left or right-hand side use
  • Bag included
  • Integral hook for additional bag – 7KG maximum weight
  • Front wheel control makes RollerMate easy to use
  • Suitable for propping against a wall
  • Simple and easy to fold
  • Handy in confined spaces and narrow corridors
  • Safety reflector within handle
  • Tested and risk assessed by Swedish hospitals
  • Recommended by Swedish physiotherapists
  • CE Marked
  • 2 year warranty (excludes general wear and tear)
  • Maximum user weight 100 Kg
  • Weighs 2.5 Kg

Customer Review
Hi people at designed2enable.
My wheely crutch (RollerMate) arrived last week and I'm loving it! Had a wee test drive round the village today and it's the bees knees - good on pavements, grass and more roughty-toughty terrain (I live in a wee village in the Highlands of Scotland).
It enables a more even and upright walking position and feels very safe and supportive. (I have balance issues and leg-muscle weakness after a car accident and this is just the job). Happy girl. Thanks.

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