• Image of Sabi ROAM Classic Walking Cane
  • Image of Sabi ROAM Classic Walking Cane
  • Image of Sabi ROAM Classic Walking Cane
  • Image of Sabi ROAM Classic Walking Cane
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The award winning ROAM Classic, Sabi’s signature cane is the perfect walking cane and fashion accessory in one, featuring a wide handle made from the same Baltic birch wood used in skateboards.

Available in four fabulous colours and three individual sizes.

Lightweight and flexible, like a skateboard, the handle is engineered ergonomically for optimal pressure, balance and grip.
The handle delivers the reassuring sensory input of touching wood. The handle is easy to clean, naturally hygienic and becomes more beautiful with age.

Sabi ROAM Classic walking cane has a single-piece, non-adjustable shaft made of high-strength aluminum; the same aluminum used for bicycle frames. Super-durable and powder-painted, just like a bike, it offers a much more stable alternative to the adjustable cane.

The walking stick has an air-cushioned rubber-based tip made from the same material used in hiking boots and running shoe soles for maximum stability, smooth walking at any speed, and superior grip on the most uneven surfaces.

  • Weight: 350-390 g/12-14 oz
  • Cane available in S,M and L (see size chart below)
  • Custom sizes are available to order
  • Cane supports up to 113K/250 lbs of weight
  • Ergonomic wide grip handle reduces stress on hand muscles and joints
  • Thin invisible rubber stripping on cane handle secures grip and makes it easy to prop against a wall
  • Natural variations in the wood grain make each handle unique
  • Single-piece cane shaft offers proven superior stability
  • Handle beautifies and matures with age
  • Non-slip cane tip which pivots easily and is shock absorbent
  • Tested by SGS labs

Customer Reviews
"I had a plain wooden walking stick provided by my physio and had been using it for 6 months. I had permanent blisters on my palms. When my new Sabi stick came I was thrilled to have a walking stick that was lighter and more comfortable to hold. Not to mention that the colour matched my shoes! People still stare at me but I feel like they are just looking at my brightly coloured walking stick, and who can blame them, its awesome!" Keighley

"I am designer myself and I just love that there are now accessibility products where design has been introduced to enhance the functionality. The aesthetic presentation of the Sabi sticks are clear, but I also like the fact that the designer and manufacturer have correctly integrated aesthetic and functionality e.g. the enhanced grip and of course the question mark head means that the force is being applied directly down the shaft rather than at a slight angle with conventional crook headed sticks whilst still retaining the ability to loop the stick over the forearm."Brian

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To order a custom sized cane online, or to order canes online email us via our CONTACT FORM with details of the required height of your cane from floor to top of the handle and then place your order below. Please note that custom sized canes are not refundable.

Delivery within 2 - 4 days.

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