• Image of Staybowlizer Mixing Bowl Stand
  • Image of Staybowlizer Mixing Bowl Stand
  • Image of Staybowlizer Mixing Bowl Stand
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Ever wish you had a spare hand when cooking in the kitchen? Staybowlizer is a silicone ring that acts as a third hand by securing bowls of all shapes and sizes whilst you mix and incorporate ingredients with your free hands.

Staybowlizer suctions onto your work surface and will hold any size bowl in place whilst you are mixing, beating and whipping up your favourite recipe.

Made from food grade silicone, Staybowlizer can withstand high temperatures and can therefore be used to create a double boiler or bain-marie and makes a great trivet or hotplate.

Staybowlizer is useful even beyond the kitchen, when used to keep a dog bowl secure preventing it being chased around the kitchen by your hungry hound!

  • Available in 5 colours: black, orange, green, red and white
  • Heat proof up 260°C/500°F
  • Microwave and dishwasher proof
  • Ring Diameter: 23cm (9")
  • Not to be used near a naked flame

"It might look like some sort of Frisbee, but the Staybowlizer is one of my favourite things to have arrived this year. It is a silicon ring that will hold your mixing bowl rock solid on the work top, at an angle, or over a pan as a bain marie. Perfect for anyone like me who does two things at once in the kitchen. I tested it with a 6 egg meringue mix with an electric mixer on full power and it did not move at all. It really is an extra hand in the kitchen, also ideal for children, or for anyone with joint problems that finds it hard to grip."Helen Best-Shaw - food blogger of Fuss Free Flavours

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