• Image of StayPut Anti-Slip Tray
  • Image of StayPut Anti-Slip Tray
  • Image of StayPut Anti-Slip Tray
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The new StayPut stylish anti-slip trays from Isagi are designed to keep cups, glasses, plates and cutlery securely in place for breakfast in bed or when you are moving around the home.

The lightweight modern design has a distinctive high grip surface crafted with anti-slip TPE studs that are moulded through the base of the tray giving an anti-slip reverse to the tray.

The smart matt finish is durable whilst the deep sides and the handles, make it easy to carry or use as an anti-slip lap tray.

Available in two sizes:
Small: 41.5cm x 29.4cm
Large: 45.5cm x 32cm

  • Dishwasher proof
  • Anti-Slip on both tray surface and reverse
  • Lightweight and durable
  • High Grip Surface
  • Colour -White with Grey
  • Available in size Small or Large

Customer Feedback
"The tray is easy to grip.It is light to carry, I love the idea of the grip at the bottom and on the top of the tray. I made my soup, and asked someone to carry the soup on the tray to the dining room, again no slip, no mess, no wobble.
The plus side is it goes into the dishwasher, the price is right you can pay a lot for a tray, without the grip. Downside is the color white, what is wrong with a colour?"

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