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Get Fit for Summer with our Seated or Standing Exercise Devices

By Katherine  |  26 Jun 2018 15:00:00

Keeping fit when you have mobility issues is not always easy but gyms and health clubs are now starting to incorporate equipment that is more inclusive. As we age, it is essential to keep active and to maintain fitness levels which is important for both mind and body.

We have also been on the lookout for exercise devices that can be used at home and are suitable for wheelchair and both seated and standing users, and we have found a few devices that are fun and easy to use.

The SISSEL Sports Swing Vibrating Exercise Bar is a fantastic device and can be used by everyone, seated or standing. You start by creating a vibration rhythm, holding the pole at different positions around your body using either one or both hands. Beginners can start by doing short sessions, counting up to ten and then rest, then repeat working around your body and holding it at different angles. We have found that it helps to not hold the bar too tightly and to remember to breathe while you are using it - which takes practice and concentration. Keeping the rhythm of the vibration can be tricky at first but with practice, you will master it. This is also great exercise for the brain, coordinating and controlling the movement.

Once you have mastered using it and have built up your time, try to work on getting a stronger vibration going which will give you more of a work-out and you will notice the cardiovascular benefit of the exercise. The bar can also be used without the vibration for exercising your arms lifting it up and down to the side of your body, controlling the movement. You can also hold it above your head, arm straight and using a twisting movement, rotating the bar around and over your head.

If you are able to stand, you can use the bar while holding different positions and it can be used for floor exercises to improve your core strength, as demonstrated in the manufacturers' video which you can see in the video below. You can read more on the Sports Swing on our product page HERE



Exercise Loop Resistance Bands

Exercise bands are great for resistance training for your arms and legs, for improving your fitness, building muscle strength and for rehabilitation exercises in the comfort of your own home. If you are a beginner to exercise bands, as with any form of exercise, start gently and slowly increase the exercises in both time spent and the resistance used. They are so easy to use and are portable and lightweight; ideal for both young and older users. You can read more HERE



The strength in our hands is something that we all take for granted, but this can be weakened as the result of an injury, medical condition or through the natural process of ageing. The SISSEL Hand Grip exercise tool offers a gentle way to re-build the muscle strength and grip in your hands.

Designed to build up musculature in the hand and forearm, exercising with Hand Grip can develop strength in the grip, wrist and forearm and can improve finger mobility. Hand Grip is available in two resistance ranges. This provides the option to start gently with the lower resistance (Orange)  and then increase the strength as you improve by progressing across to the stronger resistance tool (Blue). You can read more HERE


Improve your balance concentration, coordination and muscle strength with the SISSEL Wobble Board. The Wobble Board can be used for exercises, whereby you teach your body to control the position of a deficient or an injured joint. An example of this or balance exercise is the use of a balance or wobble board after an ankle sprain. You can read more HERE


designed2enable are an online retailer of stylish daily living products. We source our products worldwide and aim to remove the stigma of disability with our design-led products. Keeping fit and active is incredibly important for everyone, but particularly if you have reduced mobility. In addition to our exercise devices, we also have a range of OneLeg postural correcting stools for use around the home and in the garden. We are constantly adding to our product range so please keep in touch by signing up to our newsletter where we can keep you up to date with new products and special offers. You can visit our website here: #stayactivewithstyle


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