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Guest blog: Seniors Helping Seniors, Canterbury and Thanet

By Guest Blog Post  |  19 Dec 2017 15:00:00

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Seniors Helping Seniors, Canterbury & and Thanet 

In our aging population, helping our older people live well is becoming increasingly vital to the health of our community and to the survival of our families. How we look after the less able members of our community is a strong indicator for our values, and the growth in ‘social enterprise’ or peer-to-peer exchanges of goods and services, driven by online technology, is starting to impact on this.

You can now use a website to find someone to mind your pet, or to arrange to ‘couch surf’ or ‘air bnb’. The philosophy behind these websites is that there is benefits to both parties – either in financial terms or through assistance, friendship, conversation, connection or shared knowledge or experiences.

Seniors Helping Seniors is an example of this kind of service.  It has been  building steadily for over a year.  It’s currently only available  in the South East of England.  It matches seniors who need help with seniors who want to help, providing those in need of non-medical, in-home care or companionship with someone who they can trust and relate to, at an affordable price.

The person providing the assistance is usually not under any time pressure, and as well as being remunerated for their work, they benefit from being active and fulfilled members of their community.

Seniors Helping Seniors care providers are very carefully selected and trained and the sense of community they feel as a group is very strong. They are an optimistic bunch, with a can do attitude.  They come from the same generation as the people they help, so they share the same jokes, standards, memories, styles of cooking and everything else and this makes all the difference in the world.

Seniors Helping Seniors has been running in the USA for the last 16 years.  It is amazingly successful there, possibly because of the scarcity of free healthcare in US.   Many older people are either looking for extra work when they retire, or need help that the state doesn’t provide.

It’s now available in South East England through Seniors Helping Seniors Canterbury and Thanet. Providers can help with  a range of services including light housekeeping, cooking, shopping, mowing the lawn, driving to the doctor, trips out, or just changing a light bulb, but most of all they offer companionship.

If you live in the South East of England and would like to offer to help an older person in need, or if you or someone you know would benefit from this service, visit the website

Seniors helping Seniors is an award winning Social enterprise and there are franchise opportunities throughout the rest of England.   If you could be interested in running Seniors Helping Seniors in your county get in touch through the website.  Operations are now fully integrated to UK and providing you fit what they are looking for , everything is ready for you to pick up the reins and start helping your community.

Visit: or contact Christian Wilse on 01227 454 900 or [email protected]


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