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Keeping Fit with Seated Exercise Devices

By Katherine  |  17 Sep 2019 11:00:00


SISSEL Resistance Exercise Loop Bands for building muscle strength
SISSEL Exercise Loop Resistance Bands


If you are approaching old age or have a chronic health condition or disability, keeping fit will help you stay mobile and prolong your independence. We have a few exercise devices in our Health category that are really easy to use.

Starting with upper body exercises, SISSEL Exercise Loop Resistance Bands are great for improving your fitness, building muscle strength and for rehabilitation exercises in the comfort of your own home. If you use them regularly you will maintain your all-important muscle strength and improve coordination. In the box, you will find two bands, yellow and green. Yellow is for light resistance and for beginners, progressing to the green band for stronger resistance. You can start gently with the yellow band, slowly increasing the repetitions, building up your strength, progressing to the green band when you are ready for the next stage. 


Next, the SISSEL Sports Swing Vibrating Exercise Bar. This Swedish vibration pole has been designed specifically to build up core/trunk muscular strength. It is ideal for cardio and strength training, muscle toning and to improve posture and coordination.

The beauty of this flexible bar is that it can be used to the minimum and maximum intensity to which you can operate it and as you get used to working with it, you can increase the vibration and the length of time that you use it. To use it in the seated position, it does require the user to have a reasonable amount of upper body strength, handgrip and co-ordination but it can create a good cardiovascular work-out, strengthening core muscles.



If you are unable to go for a walk, then let the walk come to you with HappyLegs Passive Exercise Device. HappyLegs functions using the same principles as walking. It moves your legs and gently massages your feet while you remain seated, stimulating the muscles and soles of your feet to help improve your blood circulation. HappyLegs is helpful for stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, heart conditions, spinal injury, diabetes, peripheral arterial disease, neuropathy,  hypertension to name a few. It is also beneficial for wheelchair users or anyone who has a sedentary lifestyle and Happy Legs can visibly reduce the appearance of swollen legs, knees or feet.


HappyLegs Passive seated exercise machine that simulates walking from a seated position
HappyLegs Passive Exercise Device


The strength in our hands is something that we all take for granted, but this can be weakened as the result of an injury, medical condition or through the natural process of ageing. The SISSEL Hand Grip Exercise Tool offers a gentle way to re-build the muscle strength and grip in your hands. Designed to build up musculature in the hand and forearm, exercising with Hand Grip can develop strength in the grip, wrist, and forearm and can improve finger mobility.

Hand grip exerciser to help rebuild muscle strength in your hands
SISSEL Hand Grip Exercise Tool

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