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NHS Crutch Amnesty

By Katherine  |  1 Nov 2018 12:00:00

Patients are being urged to return wheelchairs, walking frames and other aids to local hospitals

Image credit: Julien Behal/PA

It is estimated that the NHS spends around £3 million a year on walking aids, so they are launching an amnesty on medical and mobility aids, such as crutches, walking frames, zimmer frames, wheelchairs, commodes, etc that have been loaned out to patients and are currently sitting in a corner of a room or cupboard, cluttering homes and attracting dust!

Patients may be loaned mobility aids by their local NHS trust or Rapid Response support team, following an accident, operation or as a result of a medical condition. These items may be needed long-term or for a rehabilitation period and there is never a deadline for return and therefore in many cases, people store them and forget that they have them.

There have been complaints from patients that they have never been asked to return the items and that when they have tried, the NHS has not made it easy for them, which raises concerns as to the efficiency of the NHS. There is obviously work involved when products are returned, e.g. cleaning and a health and safety assessment to ensure that the items are safe for re-use, but the environmental impact of the aids having single use is worrying and it is an inefficient use of NHS resources. The Health Minister, Steve Barclay is calling on hospitals to create schemes to ensure that items are returned to the NHS, given to charities or recycled to help reduce NHS costs and to wage the war on waste.

You can read more about this subject, and your local amnesty by following the following links:

NHS East Kent

NHS Mid-Yorkshire

NHS Ipswich and East Suffolk

NHS Bolton

NHS Thurrock

NHS Suffolk

NHS Jersey

NHS North West Anglia

NHS Cardiff & Vale

NHS Bath

NHS Highland

NHS Somerset

You can search for other NHS trusts online or contact your local hospital for information or advice on how to return any rehabilitation items that you have been loaned by the NHS. 

About Us:

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