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ode – Stimulating Appetite For Dementia Sufferers

By Katherine  |  19 Dec 2017 12:00:00

ode device for stimualting appetite for those with dementia

Ode appetite dementiaIf you are caring for someone with dementia, you may well find that as the disease progresses they lose their appetite and may become dehydrated.  To maintain their physical health and well being it is important to ensure that they eat a healthy balanced diet and drink plenty of fluids. Malnutrition can lead to dehydration and weight loss and other problems including vulnerability to infection, reduced muscle strength and fatigue. Dehydration can cause bladder infections, headaches, constipation and increased confusion.

ode is an innovative new product for those with dementia, using fragrances around the home to help stimulate the appetite by offering discreet reminders of mealtimes throughout the day. Place ode in the main living area and simply slot in your fragrances, set the timer for each meal time and plug in. ode will diffuse an authentic aroma to stimulate appetite for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Each device comes with a starter pack of three fragrances of orange juice, Bakewell tart and homemade curry.

ode has been designed to support people with dementia and Alzheimer’s who have had difficulties in wanting to eat. It is one of five products championed by The Department of Health and UK Design Council’s ‘Living Well With Dementia Challenge'.

However, the causes of weight loss can vary and may include: lack of appetite,  communicating and recognising  that they are hungry, depression, dental pain that they are unable to communicate, being inactive, constipation which may cause discomfort, problems with chewing, and poor concentration.

Therefore it is important to try to identify any possible causes and to stimulate the appetite to remind and encourage them to eat.  Try to ensure that the food you are providing looks and smells appealing. Use different tastes, colours and smells. The aroma of cooking is a great way to stimulate someone’s appetite.

As well as supporting people with dementia, ode can be used more widely by adults with memory problems, or who are simply going off eating or convalescing from an illness which has affected their appetite.

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