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Product News – The Bradley Timepiece

By Katherine  |  19 Dec 2017 15:00:00
Bradley Timepiece Beige 3
The Bradley Classic Timepiece

It is always a real pleasure to come across a product that is a great example of the principals of universal design such as The Bradley watch.  The Bradley, originally designed for Bradley Snyder, a US soldier who lost his sight in Afghanistan, also attracts a lot of interest from non-visually impaired people who love the stylish design.

Available HERE on our website.

Designed by Eone Time -Designed For Everyone  , The Bradley is a tactile watch with a retro style face that allows you to tell the time by sight and feel by using the raised markers that determine the hours, whilst two rotating ball bearings track the hours and the minutes.  It enables sighted users to tell the time discreetly, which can be incredibly useful for business meetings, social occasions or when you are in a dark theatre or cinema.

Eone Bradley watch


The Bradley’s namesake, Bradley Snyder is an ex US Naval Officer who lost his eyesight in a bomb explosion in 2011.  Bradley went on to compete in the London Paralympic Games and won Gold and Silver Medals in swimming. Along with other visually impaired users, Bradley supported Eone with invaluable feedback through the development stages of the timepiece.

The concept timepiece was put up for crowd funding and received almost $600,000 The Bradley has since been nominated for the Design Museum's Design of the Year Award 2014; testament to its unique design and appeal.

The timepiece is a real fashion statement and can be a great talking point as it has such a unique look. These days, everyone has the time at the touch of a button, whether it is on your phone or iPad, but somehow digital will never be quite as sexy as the real thing. You may need to learn how to use The Bradley, which comes with a presentation box embossed with Braille which identifies the content and a user guide with both print and Braille.

More information on The Bradley timepiece can be found HERE on our website.


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