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Staying Safe Online - Our Top Ten Cyber Security Tips

By Katherine  |  22 Jan 2018 11:00:00


It is so easy to become complacent when you are online so we have put together some simple top tips to follow to help keep you safe:


1)  Fraudsters target people rather than their computers as that way we give them the information they need, just because we aren't aware of the scamming methods.

2) If you are asked to log onto a site make sure it has https:// not just http - the 's' means it is secure.

3) If you get an email, does the website address match the content? For example, you might get one claiming to be from with an address of when it should be It is easy to miss so remember to stay alert to the email address.

4) Always look along to the third / - so in the example above if you looked beyond the .com to the third / you would see it is a dodgy web address.

5) Keep an eye out for dodgy grammar in an email and check for mis-spellings in the web/email address.

6) If there is a link to follow - hover over it first and it will show where the link is actually taking you. For example, the link could be called '' but if you hover over it you see which is obviously a fraudulent link.

7) If you google a website that you use regularly, look at the details of the website on the google listing page and you should see a note at the end of the discription that tells you when you last visited this page. That way you will know that this is a page that you have visited before and it should therefore be safe to visit again. But if in doubt, remember to double check with the points above.

8) Never reply to a questionable email. If you think its from someone you know ring them or start a new email using the email address you know of. Altenatively, start a new email using the email address from the dodgy email and ask a question  - why do they need this info - without giving anything away.

9) Remember never to give your details out to anyone who calls and asks you to verify an account. Don't type anything into a computer, install software, visit any websites or follow any other instruction unless you are confident that the call is genuine.

10) If you use a public or shared computer, be security conscious. Remember, each time you exit your account you should sign out completely by clicking the Sign out link. This means anyone using the computer after you won't be able to access your account.


The internet can open up your world and is an amazing resource of information. It is a great way to stay connected with family and friends and to manage your day to day affairs, but remember to stay vigilant at all times as scammers always seem to be one step ahead . Stay safe! 









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