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The Health Benefit of Gaming: Guest Post by Computer Planet

By Guest Blog Post  |  20 Sep 2018 13:00:00



New trends emerge in health and fitness every now and again: pilates, yoga, zumba, jazzercise, hot yoga, and P90x have all taken the world by storm. A new trend in health and fitness is the use of gaming to improve health, as much recent research suggests that gaming can be good for your health.

Gaming is so good for your health that clinicians have even begun to use video games in their practice. For example, gaming can be used to treat and aid in the recovery from trauma and surgery.  Researched showed that gaming could increase the speed at which people recover from illness or trauma, and could reduce the incidence of flashbacks. As well as this, gaming has been used to treat and manage attention disorders in children. This is because the engrossing nature of video games (one trial used the classic game Tetris) meant that those with disorders such as ADHD could improve their attention span. Thirdly, gaming could be a godsend in elderly care, which is becoming increasingly important in modern western societies, due to their ageing populations. Research suggests that gaming can reduce the rate of cognitive decline in the elderly, can help to build connections amongst peers, and also helped to promote subjective well-being in the elderly who lived in retirement communities.

 As we have seen, medical professionals often utilize gaming in their practice. If it is good enough for them, then surely it is good enough for us. As well as these benefits, gaming also has other advantages: it can improve memory, cognitive performance and strength can be boosted, it can help to manage pain and anxiety disorders, and it can help to improve cardiovascular health. So, perhaps you should, instead of going to your next Yoga class, simply plug in your Playstation. As we have seen, it cannot do you any harm!

To see more amazing health benefits of gaming, check out the infographic from Computer Planet below.


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