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Bosign HiTech Laptop/SurfPillow -Botany£23.95In stock

Bosign HiTech Laptop/SurfPillow -Botany



A classic example of Swedish company Bosign's tasteful products, their stylish surf pillow is designed for anyone who wants to work on their laptop from the comfort of their couch or bed.

SurfPillow is designed to keep your laptop cool, the anti-slip pads create an airflow underneath the laptop, allowing any heat to escape. This allows the laptop to sit safely and securely on your lap.and prevents the laptop from overheating. SurfPillow is available in the stylish Botany print fabric

  • Shapeable soft bean bag cushion for comfortable surfing
  • Available in contemporary Botany fabric print.
  • The silicone anti-slip pads prevent overheating of lap and computer
  • Longer battery life since the air slit cools the computer
  • The computer rests securely against the anti-slip surface of the pillow
  • Removable pillow cover is washable by hand
  • Surfpillow is a patented invention from Bosign
  • Fits laptop sizes of 9-17 inches
  • Easily stored
  • Material: Pillow 100% durable cotton. Arched silicone.
  • Measures:: W x 37 cm, D x 27 cm, H x 6 cm

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