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Folding Fashion Petite Walking Stick - Camel Check£28.95In stock

Folding Fashion Petite Walking Stick - Camel Check


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Step out in style with this gorgeous classic camel, black and red check cane by Classic Canes. Designed for the smaller user, the petite derby handle is suited to the smaller hand. The cane has a smooth easy action for folding and unfolding.

The petite handle is a variation on the standard derby handle and is designed to be held so that your weight is carried directly over the the shaft of the walking stick. If you have small hands and find it hard to grasp a standard sized derby handle properly, you may find this handle more manageable and therefore safer to use.

Lightweight, attractive and height adjustable, the folding walking stick can be stowed away discreetly when in a restaurant or on a plane and will fit neatly in your bag or glove box of your car for when you need it.

The adjustable height option of this cane makes this a safe, stylish and considerate gift.

  • Petite size
  • Height adjustable from 67 to 90cm in 2.5cm increments
  • Fitted with a rubber ferrule and smart metal collar
  • Ferrule Size: 16mm
  • Wrist loop and holding clip available as optional extra


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