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OneLeg Wood Posture Stool Black


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Beautifully crafted from natural Oak, the hygge inspired OneLeg Wood Posture Stool typifies the simplicity of traditional Danish design whilst being ergonomic and functional. For the Black Wood option, the Oak is treated with a black lacquer to create this beautiful and elegant stylish stool.

OneLeg Wood stool has a unique curved foot that allows the user to tilt and rotate around, following the body's movements whilst providing a dynamic and active seating position.

When you sit on a OneLeg stool it gives your spine a completely natural stretch, with no load on the back, knees and feet. Moving around on the stool loosens tension and improves the core strength of your abdominal muscles and back. You will be amazed at the improvement to your core strength and posture by using OneLeg.

OneLeg Wood 40 cm can be used for jobs around the home which require working at a lower level, such as grooming the dog, cleaning the oven or cleaning out cupboards.

The Oneleg Wood 40, 48, 56 cm are suited to older children or adults, for working at a table, low level desk or for general use around the home. OneLeg 48 fits standard dining tables and the 56cm option makes a very stylish bar stool for kitchen dining.

An anti-slip foot protects the floor and prevents the stool from slipping and the black rubber seat edging ensures there is no damage to the stool or floor should it overturn.

  • Available in 3 sizes: 40, 48 or 56 cm height (32 cm currently unavailable)
  • OneLeg 40 - 56cm are suitable for older children and adults
  • Made from crafted Oak with black lacquer treatment for black wood finish
  • Anti-slip foot included
  • Can be cleaned/polished with a dry clean cloth
  • Weight: 40cm - 3.5kg/48cm - 3.7Kg/56cm - 4kg
  • Seat diameter 25.5 cm
  • Foot diameter 15.5cm - 18.5 cm

OneLeg is available in a variety of sizes and finishes. For the complete range of OneLeg stools and accessories, click HERE

Delivery 3 - 10 days

Physiotherapist Gitte Skov Frandsen, DK- Hillerod:
"OneLeg offers a flexibility that differs from ordinary stools and chairs. With the possibility to spin and turn on the stool, you can prevent twisting the back that could ultimately lead to overloading of the back muscles.

OneLeg also gives you the possibility to strengthen your (stabilised) back and abdominal muscles. The stool offers a dynamic sitting posture, which makes is possible to change the working and sitting posture. This is very important for me as a physiotherapist.

OneLeg has many uses both inside and outside. Outside it is primarily used for gardening and inside there are a wide range of possibilities for both children and adults. I could imagine using OneLeg for example for watching television. The sitting would be dynamic, which is healthier for the body instead of static sitting. The cardiovascular system improves as the body continuously moves.

OneLeg can easily be used by children as well as adults. I, myself, have children at home and they use it for playing, drawing, watching television etc. and they are happy with it. Children have a natural freedom and joy of movement that adults are missing. Intuitively they know what is good for them and we must try to instil this in adults too."

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