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Vela Salsa 400 Sit-Stand Chair

£995.00 (£829.17 ex VAT)

VAT Relief Eligible Product

The VELA Salsa 400 chair is designed to promote independence in both the home environment and the workplace. If you have poor balance, reduced strength and mobility in joints and limbs, or problems with your back, the Vela Salsa 400 chair may be a helpful solution to allow you maintain your activity level in the kitchen.

Daily activities in a kitchen such as preparing food, making coffee for yourself and your guests are fundamental to most people. Kitchen work mostly takes place while standing and requires precision, strength and stability, for instance when chopping vegetables or slicing bread.

VELA Salsa can support the user while standing or sitting by virtue of a stable underframe and central brake, which provide safety and balance. The large wheels on the chair allow you to “walk” the chair forward, making it possible to get around the kitchen while seated so that you can prepare food and manage tasks.

The ergonomically curved saddle seat with rounded front edge and raised pommel for support and stability of the user also allow for freedom in the hips, which may help to reduce pain. A tilted seat supports a healthy posture with an open hip angle and free movement of shoulders and arms The pommel also prevents the user from sliding down the seat when tilted.

 Stable armrests and a central brake secure safety while getting up and sitting down in the chair. This is an advantage for users with mobility and balance problems. Brake and armrests also provide support when changing the sitting position. VELA Salsa chairs allow an extra low sitting height, e.g. for the user to help children getting dressed. The chair also comes in a high version, which is optimal when the user is ironing, cooking or for placing dishes in the cupboard.
Adjustment of the seat height, depth and tilt plus backrests and armrests ensure the best conditions for an ergonomic sitting position which provides support and stability for many activities.

VELA Salsa suitable for conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis (MS), cerebral palsy, chronic arthritis, Parkinson’s and other neurological conditions. As used by Patrick Burke – Living with MS (see video in the tab). 

  • VELA Salsa is suitable for sitting as well as standing work, for people with disabilities due to e.g. arthritis, back diagnoses and walking-impairment
  • Good ergonomics and support ensure an optimum sitting position when working at home and at work
  • A central brake ensure safety when getting into and out of the chair
  • It is possible to ‘walk’ the chair while sitting down
  • VELA Salsa comes as standard in black phoenix fabric, which is durable, breathable and very comfortable. 

Standard configuration:

  • Includes seat, backrest, back bar, support arms x 2
  • Frame: H/4 star base with central brake, extended brake lever.
  • Sitting Height: 50-70 cm
  • Seat: Saddle Seat: width 43 cm x depth 35 cm
  • Seat: Angle adjustment: 2 ° forward to 16 °backwards
  • Max load: 125 Kg
  • Fabric: Phoenix Black

Delivery 2 - 3 weeks.


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