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INDESmed Ergonomic Colourful Crutches for Kids£56.00In stock

INDESmed Ergonomic Colourful Crutches for Kids

£56.00 (£46.67 ex VAT)



VAT Relief Eligible Product

The fun innovative curved design of these cool, ergonomic crutches give them a unique, modern and trendy look. This clever design maintains the natural position of your child's wrist and combined with the soft silicone hand-grip helps avoid tendinitis and relieves any discomfort from pressure on the palm of the user's hands.

Their curved and oval shape allow a perfect regulation and anatomic adaptation; the continuous regulation of the handgrip allows them to adjust to the millimetre of the height of your child, which increases the child's comfort.

The design also eliminates the annoying noise of traditional crutches and the silicone hand-grips are made of soft medical grade silicone (FDA certified). 

Have fun with the colours, you can order a matching pair or one of each colour - whatever takes your children's fancy!

Crutch sizes for kids:

Q. How do I choose the correct sizing for my kid crutches? A. Every child's forearm crutch is fully adjustable by simply moving the cuff and handgrip along the curved area, but each size has been designed to maximize ergonomics and your child's comfort. 

Each size relates to a child's height range; for example, You can see the relationship between the child's height and crutches size in the 'size chart' tab.
If your child needs a special size, please let us know via our contact page,

The Cuffs are available in 3 sizes, D1 for Kids, D2 Standard fit and D3 Large fit. The kids forearm crutches are automatically sent out with D1 Cuff size but if you require a larger size then please email us via our contact page once you have placed your order to confirm the preferred cuff size. A cuff strap can be purchased as an extra.

These crutches are sold as single unit so please order 2 for a pair!

  • Highly resilient aluminium, tested according to EEC norms. orthopedic crutches for children
  • Open cuff size 1D supplied unless otherwise requested
  • Hand grip size is the same for both adults and kids
  • Ergonomic Curved shaft 
  • No annoying click 
  •  Natural position of the child's wrist is maintained
  • Available in 3 fun colours
  • Weight 403.69 gram/0.89lbs
  • Maximum user weight: 100Kg/220.7 lbs 
  • Silicone covers are made of soft medical grade silicone (FDA certified)

Delivery 3 - 6 days

Recommended crutch size
approx. kid height
crutch height(h)

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