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Medi-Popper Pill Dispenser£13.95In stock

Medi-Popper Pill Dispenser



Do you struggle to pop your pills out of blister packs? Medi-Popper is a clever device that will save your hands and dispenses tablets from all types of blister packs with ease.

There are three separate apertures designed to take both large and small round tablets and lozenge shaped pills. To dispense a tablet, place the Medi-Popper on a flat, non-slip surface, select the correct pill aperture on the device by rotating the dial. Position the blister pack over the aperture (tablet side uppermost), push down on the top of the device with your thumb or heel of your hand and the pill will pop out with ease.

Medi-Popper was designed by David Anderson who, diagnosed with Parkinson's disease invented the Medi-Popper to maintain his own independence.

  • Three options of pill apertures for different pill sizes
  • Rotating dial for selecting the correct pill aperture
  • Large surface area for pressing down to dispense pills
  • Helpful for anyone with limited hand or joint mobility
  • Dimensions: 11 x 9 x 4.5 cm

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