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INDESmed Ultralight Carbon Fibre Forearm Crutches

£225.00 (£187.50 ex VAT)

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Feel the lightness, feel the style of these innovative, curved and ergonomic crutches. The engineering and carbon fibre material used in the design of the INDESmed carbon crutches result in the lightest crutches in the world without the annoying click of traditional crutches.

The benefits of carbon fibre includes: extremely lightweight, a unique and distinct appearance, superior strength to weight ratio compared to other materials and corrosion resistant.

This clever ergonomic design is really comfortable for the user and maintains the natural position of the wrist which, combined with the soft silicone hand-grip, helps avoid tendinitis and relieves any discomfort from pressure on the palm of your hands.

These exclusive curved and oval shaft crutches are available in four sizes and four fun colours.

These crutches are sold as single unit so please order 2 for a pair!

  • Black, ergonomic carbon fiber, curved and oval shaft
  • No annoying click noise when using
  • Shaft and cuff are both black and the silicone hand grips are available in either black, dark grey, orange or purple
  • Soft and comfortable hypoallergenic silicone handle grips
  • Spare handles are an optional extra so you can mix and match with your outfit
  • Both cuff and grip are individually adjustable
  • Lightweight, weighs only: 0.5lb/220g
  • User weight up to 440 lb /200Kg
  • No tendinitis guaranteed
  • High contact angled tip/ferrule increases user safety
  • Crutches sold as a single unit so please order 2 for a pair!
  • Need to be assembled upon delivery. See our video tab to view the simple instructions.

Please note that you can now order your carbon crutches with either the standard open cuff as shown with the carbon crutches, or the new open/closed cuff, for the same price. 

If you choose the open cuff, you are able to have a free Forearm Cuff Strap, but please email us via our contact page, so that we can organise this for you.

The Open Cuffs which come as D2 standard size with the adult crutches are available in 3 sizes, D1 for Kids, D2 Standard fit and D3 Large fit. The adult crutches are automatically sent out with D2 Standard Cuff size, but if you require the larger size then please email us via our contact page once you have placed your order to confirm the preferred cuff size.

Delivery 2 - 6 days

"I have been using the INDESmed crutches for a month now and following is feedback which I hope is informative and useful. 

Firstly I think they are great and have no regrets about the purchase. 

The large size works for me and no need to cut down. 

The pros and cons for me are 


1. Look great

2. Extremely light which means less effort and the crutches do not fall over when not in use and propped up against furniture etc. 

3. The design is very good and overall they fit well into the hand and forearm and feel very comfortable. The variable adjustment is excellent. 

4. The ferrule (foot ) which I was concerned about is very good in use - good grip and flexes to the surface of the floor/ground - I have used Flexyfoot for a long time and was concerned that these would not be as safe but not a problem

5. Hand grips are good and as crutches are very lightweight it is much easier to carry things around whilst using the crutches. 

6. At first I was worried about the width of the cuff as this is narrower than I am used to however very quickly get used to it and it works very well. 


1. The obvious one - they are very expensive ( but worth it )

2. The handle is tightened using an alum key - this even when fitted very tightly does slowly come loose so the although safe a creaking noise develops. I reckon they need to be tightened up once a week. 

3. Although the finish on the carbon fibre is a very good quality appearance it is susceptible to scratching if in contact with a rough surface so you have to be very careful. 

4. The change to a very lightweight crutch takes a couple of days to get used to and care needs to be taken because it is a completely different experience from other makes of crutches. 

Hope this is useful and thank you for an excellent service from your firm" Chris

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