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TOPRO TROJA 2G Premium Rollator | Folding Walker

£282.00 (£235.00 ex VAT)

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VAT Relief Eligible Product

TOPRO 2G Premium is a sturdy and stylish rollator with adjustable handle heights. One of the best folding walker with wheels on the market.

The Ergo Grip handles make it easier to stand whist offering a comfortable armrest and offers different holding positions when standing and resting. The design of the 2G has been focused on safety, flexibility and user comfort. and this sturdy rollator comes with a backrest

Available sizes:
Medium in Dark Grey, Wine Red, Tartan,  White Baroque, Capri Blue, Pink Rose or New Matt Black

Small in Silver Grey, Wine Red Tartan, White Baroque, Capri Blue or Pink Rose, 

Standard features:

  • Shopping Bag
  • Back Support
  • Comfort Wheels Soft(PUR) for use on surfaced roads and cobblestones
  • Quick Release – easy to remove or change wheels
  • Lightweight
  • Memory function for easy height adjustment of handles
  • Tilt function and edge guard for safe and easy manoeuvering
  • Easy to fold
  • Stays firmly on its wheels when folded and takes little space
  •  7-year manufacturer's warranty on frame, 2 years on parts (excludes natural wear and tear)

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"Hello, I hope that both you are well. I'm having great fun on my "Rolly", it certainly draws the crowdsBy the way, I have sort of replaced one thing on my "Rolly" and that's the bell. Never heard such a wimpish one, as it give such a quiet "ting" that I can only just hear, so is pretty useless trying to warn people that I'm about to run them over, lol. So a friend of mine went to Halfords and treated me to an old fashioned bicycle hooter, that gives out a good healthy " Parp Parp" when squeezed, lol. I have found it very useful in church on Sunday mornings, as I am the church secretary its my job to start the service off with the weekly notices, but of course people are still chatting away to friends, so a quick couple of "Parps" on my hooter, soon gets their attention, lol. so that the service can start." Alan M-G 


Size Details: M = Medium S = Small

Max. user weight: M = 150 KG (330 LBS) S = 125 KG (275 LBS)
Weight with basket and wheels (TPE): M = 7.7 KG (17 LBS) S = 7.3 KG ( 16 LBS)
User height:M = 150 – 200 cm (4ft 11″ – 6ft 6 ¾”) S = 135 – 170 cm (4ft 5″ – 5ft 7″)
Height of support points:M = 78 – 100 cm ( 30 ¾” – 39 ⅜ “) S = 67 – 86 cm ( 26 ⅜” – 33 ¾ “)
Maximum length:M & S = 65 cm (25 ½”)
Maximum width:M & S = 61 cm (24″)
Distance between support rails:M & S = 47 cm (18 ½”)
Seat height: M = 62 cm (24 ½”) S = 54 cm (21 ¼”)
Shopping Bag Capacity: 10 Kg
Turning diameter: M & S = 84 cm (33″)
Diameter front/rear wheels: M & S = 20 cm (8″)
Width front/rear wheels (TPE): M & S = 3.6 cm ( 1 ½”)
Distance driving brake: M & S = 6.5 cm ( 2 ½”)
Length when folded: M & S = 65 cm (26″)
Width when folded: M & S = 24 cm ( 9 ½”)
Height when folded: M = 81.5 cm (32 ½”)

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