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Sabi CRUSH Pill Crusher£7.95In stock

Sabi CRUSH Pill Crusher



The Sabi CRUSH is designed for people who don’t like taking medication or have difficulty swallowing them and prefer to crush their medication to make it easier to take. CRUSH pill crusher doubles as a pill box and does most of the work itself, it is ergonomic, good looking and easy on the hands and wrist.

The CRUSH pill crusher has real muscle and can crush even large pills, quickly and effectively crushing pills of all sizes, shapes and textures into powder.

  • 2 in 1 pill crusher and pill box
  • Tear shaped pill crusher makes turning easy on hands and wrists
  • Powerful pill crusher ensures powder with one twist
  • Ideal for preparing medication for kids and pets
  • BPA Free
  • Hand washable
  • Weight: 53g/1.9oz
  • Dimensions: H: 78mm; Diameter:57mm/H:3.1inches; Diameter: 2.2inches

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