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Unique creator of health and wellness products, Sabi are geared towards the baby-boomers who appreciate design, and their products aim to support people’s abilities as they change throughout life. .

The range includes beautifully designed walking canes and pill boxes that bring pleasure from products that usually tend to carry a certain stigma. Sabi pill boxes are designed by Industrial Designer Yves Behar of fuseproject and Barber Osgerby, two of the world’s leading design firms. The ROAM Classic Canes were originally designed by Danish company OMHU and rebranded as Sabi.

Sabi’s showpiece, the award winning ROAM Classic cane, was influenced by the ease and effortlessness of Scandinavian furniture and bicycles, coupled with the quality of hand-finished wood used for hockey sticks and skateboards, creating a walking stick that beautifully integrates both design and comfort.

designed2enable introduced Sabi to the UK and have been acting UK agent since 2013.


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