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ScrubRite Pan Cleaner / Scourer£14.95In stock

ScrubRite Pan Cleaner / Scourer



Scrubbing dirty pots and pans is always a chore, but even more so if you have limited hand dexterity or arthritis, which can make it hard to grip the scourer sufficiently to scrub pans clean.

These colourful cleaners were designed to help the mother of the inventor who has arthritis. He saw her struggling to use a conventional scourer and wanted to ease her frustration and so developed  Scrubrite ™ . The clever design has the added bonus of enabling them to hang on the tap to dry.

  • 2 cleaners in 1 (pack of 8)
  • Pack of 8 contains 2 abrasive and 6 non abrasive scourers
  • 1 cleaner lasts 3 months, so 8 pack will last you over 1 year!
  • 2 different substrates can be used at the same time.
  • For low dexterity users, as well as standard.
  • Easy on Hands & Nails.
  • Circular design makes them easy to hang on taps, so more hygienic when drying.
  • 75% polyester 25% steel wool.

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