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smartCRUTCH Maxi - Purple£71.00In stock

smartCRUTCH Maxi - Purple

£71.00 (£59.17 ex VAT)


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VAT Relief Eligible Product

Whether you are recovering from a short term injury, or you have long term mobility difficulties; smartCRUTCH™ will keep you comfortably mobile.

These cool crutches are ergonomically designed for maximum support, stability, comfort and durability.   The unique design of smartCRUTCH™ spreads the entire load over your whole forearm which releases pressure and pain from the hands and wrists.

With more that 46 adjustments, you can set your smartCRUTCH™ to suit your needs. Only weighing 910 grams per crutch, the ergonomically designed grips suit the natural wrist and Left and Right hand positions in a neutral state. The adjustable forearm brace, allows individual setting to suit your comfort requirements and are padded with memory foam for added comfort.

smartCRUTCH™ has been found to be very helpful for those with Ehlers–Danlos syndromes (EDS), Guillain Barre Syndrome, Hip or Knee Replacement, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteo-Arthritis, Amputees, Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and for other permanent users.

  • Crutches can be ordered in pair or single left handed or single right handed option
  • The Maxi SmartCRUTCH is intended for large forearms that require additional support.
  • Height adjustment available in 10 positons from 168cm (±5’5”) to 200cm (±6’6”).
  • Cuff length 240mm from handle to top of cuff.
  • Weight Limit for Non Weight Bearing use is 100kg (Swinging through the SmartCRUTCH with both legs).
  • Weight Limit for Weight Bearing use is 120kgs (Using the SmartCRUTCH for stability and balance whilst walking).
  • The SmartCRUTCH Wing Cuff Pads can be ordered as extra to reduce the internal aperture of the cuff.
  • The SmartCRUTCH Velcro Strap can be ordered as an extra if forearm is slim or to create a closed cuff.
  • Available height options - 168 cm-178 cm, 178 cm-187 cm or 187 cm-200 cm ( 5ft 5" - 6ft 6")
  • Available forearm options - 24cm, 25cm, 26cm, 27cm, 28cm, 29cm, 30cm
  • Crutch weight (single crutch) – 910 grams. (2 lb)
  • Single crutch dimensions - 79 x 22 x 12 cm
  • Forearm brace padded with memory foam for long lasting comfort.
  • Hourglass-shaped crutch ferrules design, maximises surface contact.
  • Forearm length settings: 3 increments.
  • Forearm platform adjusted from 15° to a 90°.
  • Height Adjustment standard leg : Maximum 1100mm / Minimum 875 mm

smartCRUTCH™ is compatible with Flexyfoot 16mm or 22 mm ferrules which you can purchase HERE

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