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Suprella Pro Reverse Folding Umbrella £44.90In stock

Suprella Pro Reverse Folding Umbrella


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This re-invention of the traditional umbrella has revolutionised the product. The Suprella Pro turns the conventional umbrella upside down - quite literally!

This ingenious umbrella opens inside out and is twice as strong as the conventional umbrella

The new closing mechanism means that you won't get wet when getting in or out of your car. The Suprella is sealed with a high tech nano coating, meaning that you won't be left with a wet dripping umbrella as the water just bounces off the material, like water off a duck's back! So hands, clothes, floors and furniture all stay dry and Suprella Pro can stand upright on the floor when folded.

Available colours are Black/Orange or Black/Blue and a handy black Carry Case is also available to purchase at £4.95.

  • Double layer inverted umbrella whereby the wet side of the umbrella faces inwards when closed
  • Virtually indestructible
  • Stands upright on its own when folded
  • High tech non coated material prevents the material from absorbing wet /liquids
  • Only requires a small space to open, which makes entering or exiting a door or your car easy on a rainy day
  • Keeps car interiors and floors and furniture dry
  • UV protection
  • C shaped handle is comfortable to hold in every position and allows you to have both hands free for your phone etc

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