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Top & Derby Chatfield Walking Cane£79.95In stock

Top & Derby Chatfield Walking Cane


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The Chatfield walking cane is exclusively designed by Top & Derby and made in Canada.

HANDLE Say goodbye to slip and slide. The handle is made from an aluminium core which is then over-molded with silicone, forming a soft, continuous grip that conforms to your hand and dampens vibrations while you walk.

SHAFT More walnut than your last batch of banana bread. The shaft is crafted from solid Walnut hardwood and is coated in a durable satin finish, which helps to bring out the natural variation in the wood grain.

SHOE™ Some people call it a tip. Top & Derby call it a shoe™. The unique grip pattern is inspired by a sneaker sole, and is molded in durable thermoplastic rubber material.

SIZING Measure twice, order once. The Chatfield is currently available in three sizes, is fixed in length, and non-adjustable, so please follow these steps before placing your order:

If you are already using a walking cane and are comfortable with the height of it, then measure it to determine the size of Top & Derby cane that you’d like to order. If the length of your existing cane is in between two sizes, we suggest ordering the larger of the two.

Put on the type of shoe that you wear most frequently and measure from the floor, up to your wrist joint. Your arm should be relaxed at your side and bent slightly. Once you’ve determined the measurement, pick the length of the Top & Derby cane that you’d like to order. If the measurement is in between two sizes, we suggest ordering the larger of the two.

  • Soft grip, non-slip silicon molded handle
  • Silicon handle will prevent slipping when the cane is rested against a wall
  • Solid Walnut hardwood shaft
  • Unique grip pattern shoe™
  • Size options available. Not height adjustable


Delivery 2 - 5 days

"I wanted to let you know that my dad has just received his Top & Derby Cane and is delighted with it. Thanks for getting it to him so quickly." Kate

"I absolutely adore my Top & Derby. It is so stylish, in 6 years of using a walking stick I have never felt good about any other stick. I'm 46 with two young children and it can feel so embarrassing. But I don't feel like that with the Top & Derby. Not only is it lovely to behold but it is also very comfortable to use and it feels more supportive than any other walking stick." Mari


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